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Rob Solomon is a licensed professional counselor (L.P.C.) in private
practice in Beaverton. He has over thirty years experience in counseling and consultation with organizations.

In addition to family, marital and individual counseling, Rob
Solomon often leads therapy groups. Rob runs self esteem enhancement groups for adults and adolescents.

What kind of issues can Rob help with?

Family Relationships: Parenting issues, family communication,
adult children returning home or coping with divorce. Counseling offers practical tools to help.

Marital Problems: Conflicts over money, goals or difficulty
talking with each other. Counseling can clarify issues and improve relationships.

Work Problems: Difficulties relating to the boss, discomfort
with coworkers, feeling overwhelmed. Counseling can relieve job stress.

Alcohol, Other Drug Issues: Chemical dependency is
treatable. Often, outpatient treatment is effective. The initial step is to evaluate the problem then to identify the best available resources to help.

Emotional Problems: Everyone gets lonely, depressed or
“stressed out” from time to time. When these feelings are persistent and interfere with your life, counseling helps.

Confidentiality: Our professional relationships protected legally and ethically. Our work will be held in the strictest confidence. There are legal limits to confidentiality centered on protecting your safety and the safety of others. Issues pertaining to child abuse or sincere threats of harm to self or others are governed by these limits. If you’d like
further clarification, just ask.

Fees: Many counseling services are covered by insurance, many are not. Rob serves as a preferred provider for many insurance companies and employee assistance programs. If insurance coverage is applicable, Rob will bill the company, however all clients are responsible for their fees. Co-pays are due at the time of the appointment. Fees are discussed at the time of the initial appointment.

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